Raw meat: it will make your mouth water

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It’s the bare minimum of cooking: good, sliced meat, spices, sauce and herbal seasoning. Oh, and an egg yolk. We are talking about steak tartare, one of the favourite dishes of meat lovers.

At Atelier Belge (Calle Bretón de los Herreros, 39) they offer a very good one that they have named Julio Cortázar as a tribute to this Argentine writer born in Brussels. They also serve traditional Belgian mussels, mussels in white wine sauce, and their exquisite speciality: stingray with black butter.

Mentioned by Jules Verne in Michael Strogoff, this dish is also served in the most luxurious way at the Ritz Hotel, and according to the food critics it’s one of the best in Madrid, alongside its delicious chips that are always their best side dish.

At La Entretenida (Calle Cervantes, 9), in the heart of Barrio de Las Letras, they serve a succulent steak tartare prepared in front of the client with its unique touch: Pedro Ximenez reduction.

Muñagorri (Calle Padilla, 56) serves a steak tartare the way it should be made, without experiments: fresh beef, capers, gherkins, Lea & Perrins sauce, spring onions and raw egg yolk. Delicious!

In the heart of Madrid you can find La Tasquita de Enfrente (Calle Ballesta, 6), with two types of steak tartare: one with conventional meat but with a fried egg on top instead of raw egg yolk and another with white beef and vitello tonnato dressing that will make you lick your fingers.

We finish at Vinoteca Moratín, also in Barrio de Las Letras, a charming place that serves this unique meat dish. Why is it special? It uses curry instead of Tabasco sauce. It’s an exotic touch at a place that also has an extensive wine list that goes beyond the traditional Riberas and Riojas. With summer coming, they also prepare a delicious salmorejo with a touch of papaya, which is the ideal starter before moving on to the real and raw meat dish… The way it should be.

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