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Calle Barquillo is one of those small and quiet streets that are hidden behind the bright lights of Gran Vía and Calle Alcalá, despite its great charm. It starts at one end of Calle Fernando VI, by the famous house known as Tócame Roque, very popular in the 19th century as an example of a rundown and party-loving house immortalised later in Spanish language with the famous expression of its name. If we move forward a bit, we come across Pomme Sucre, a cosy café and bakery that now includes tables where you can enjoy its tempting sweets and chocolates.

A bit further down is Casa Carolo, an elegant yet informal spot which the slogans at the door vouch for, which include a variety of “informal” Spanish phrases that refer to omelettes, since this is the house speciality, which can be made in many different ways. Also excellent are the cheese platters that you can order by length. Yes, you can order cheese platters by length in centimetres but don’t get the wrong idea, this is not an “all you can eat” place.

If you fancy some dinner, try Tuk Tuk Asian Street food, where you will find a different kind of place with urban aesthetics and Asian dishes with a daring and fun twist. With restaurants all over the world, the menu was designed by Ricardo Alexander, a man with plenty of experience in Asian productions, where he became an expert in this type of cuisine. Prices are moderate and not as high as some other Asian restaurants on Calle Barquillo, such as Oribu Gastrobar, where they offer exquisite and tempting dishes such as the Black Label Burger, made from Iberian game meat, chimichurri sauce and sweet miso (20 euros); or the homemade Teriyaki red tuna skewer (22 euros).

Make sure you also check out Only You, an elegant and chic bar where you can enjoy gin and tonics of the highest quality. It only recently opened its doors and it is located in front of Teatro Infanta Isabel, a charming theatre that constitutes another of the many charms of this picturesque street.

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