The best pizza in Madrid

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When it comes to pizzas and burgers, everything is subjective. However, here are a few of the most popular pizzerias among demanding clients. Knowing this, you can then decide whether you want to put some pineapple on it or not.

With a traditional Italian style (although not too over the top) is Da Giuseppina (Calle Trafalgar, 17), which is a restaurant but also an Italian deli shop. It’s a bit strange to eat next to the shelves full of De Cecco pasta but in any case it’s a cosy place. If you like classic Italian mortadella, they have one with chickpeas that you are going to love.

Without leaving the Italian universe, Il Regno di Napoli is another of the most popular choices by pizza experts. As well as pizza being their star dish, their make an excellent burrata and other authentic Italian dishes. It’s located in the heart of Malasaña (Calle San Andrés, 21), they make excellent Neapolitan pizza with garlic, cheese, tomato, basil and pancetta and also real spaghetti carbonara (without the cream, much to the disappointment of many).

Another classic pizza place in Madrid is Don Lisander Trattoria (Calle de la Infanta Mercedes, 17), an unpretentious restaurants that is also central and guarantees good quality and service. They make thin-crust pizzas in the same way that they do in their mother restaurant, located on the shores of Lake Como. Also, make sure you try their bruschetta and homemade tiramisu.

With the NYC style in mind, En Guay Si Pizza opened on Calle Rodríguez San Pedro, trying to emulate American-style pizza with their thick and spongy crust. The restaurant itself is more of a takeaway place but eating in is also possible. It’s all worth it for a good pizza feast.

And we finish on an Argentine touch, at Pizzeria Mastropiero, also located in Malasaña. Their pizza will most definitely make an impression on you thanks to its homemade taste accompanied by wine served in flat glasses, a charming atmosphere and homemade cake for dessert. Go on a Tuesday or a Wednesday because getting in on weekends is almost impossible.

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