Cava Baja and Cava Alta, two streets for the price of one

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Located in the heart of the district of La Latina, both of them have their own character and respective charm. Cava Baja is the livelier, more dynamic and popular one, whereas its parallel sister Cava Alta is more refined and elegant, with art galleries, charming restaurants and more tranquillity.

One of the most famous landmarks on Cava Baja is Casa Lucio, a world-famous restaurant known for its simple yet exquisite dish: the fried egg. Having opened in 1974, it still has the charisma of its founder, Lucio Blázquez (b. 1933), who despite his age is still the heart and soul of the place. The quality of its products justifies its high prices in what is one of Madrid’s most emblematic eateries. For something slightly cheaper, right in front at number 30 is Los Huevos de Lucio, a tavern opened by the same owners as Casa Lucio in 2001.

Other places where you can eat that are worth visiting on the same street are Lamiak (number 42) and La Txakolina (number 26), which serve delicious Basque-style pintxos. If you like flamenco, go to La Soleá at number 27, and for something to drink we recommend La Playa, a specialised cocktail bar which, honouring its name (The Beach), has sand in the lower part of the bar.

Another place you cannot miss is El Tempranillo (number 38), which has a fantastic wine list that you can combine with delicious tapas, such as its crunchy cod. They also serve an exquisite selection of Iberian cold cuts although to sample all of this and more it’s best to go there during the week, since it is full on weekends.

Lastly, don’t forget to visit its sister street, Cava Alta, where you can find charming restaurants such as Matritum, a pleasant place that is ideal for a romantic dinner. At number 27 is Cavalta, a restaurant that serves traditional Valencian rice dishes and a series of highly sophisticated tapas such as the “sturgeon traffic light” or the “black boletus coca”.

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