Cava Alta & Cava Baja

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Not far from Puerta del Sol and Calle Montera, there is an area known as la Cava Baja y la Cava Alta. Today this area is well known for its pubs and tapas bars, and is a destination from locals and outsiders who want to enjoy a bit of the Spanish party spirit.

Legend has it that the Cavas were part of the Arab wall that surrounded Madrid. When this disappeared the area left behind became the Cavas. If you look at a map of the centre of Madrid you can see that these two streets have a characteristic curvy shape, suggesting that they followed the shape of the old wall.

Calle del Almendro, that crosses both Cavas, is one of the main destinations for tapas lovers. Taberna del Almendro 13 was one of the first ones, if not the first tavern or pub to appear in this popular street. It offers a great variety of tapas as well as different types of wine and beer. However, you will spoilt for choice in Calle Almendro, as literally almost in every corner there is a tapas bar. Prices do reflect the popularity of the area, but they are still affordable enough to have a nice night out with family or friends without having to break the bank.

However, besides bars, there is also art in Almendro, the jewler’s Helena Rohner is also in this street. It has exquisite works, some of which are on display in the museum Thysen in Paseo del Prado.

De Piedra is also another shop in Calle el Almendro, where you may spy some fancy stone decoration to take back home for your garden or your front door.

The best thing? After your tapas bar crawl you can simply walk back to your hotel and enjoy the stars on the way.

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