Royal Palace of El Pardo

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You can never learn too many things and there is no doubt that Francoism is an important part of the history of Spain. Buildings such as Edificio España, on its homonymous square, the Valley of the Fallen (Valle de los Caídos) and the Royal Palace of El Pardo, the official residence of General Franco during his dictatorship are proof of this. Read full article

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Botanical Garden gets fresher

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Jardin Botanico MadridIt has been open since 1781 and since then it has seen plenty of time, visitors and floral and vegetable aficionados go by. Located next to the Prado Museum, the ever interesting Madrid Botanical Garden also has another reason to visit it: a pond with 30 species of Iberian water flora, a place that Monet himself would love, Read full article

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Bingo is in Fashion (Again)

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casino gran madrid colonForget about the traditional dingy bingos with and old clientele and cheesy decor. The new gaming spaces in Madrid offer a modern and cosy touch, like Bingo Roma, located on Plaza Manuel Becerra, 12. In this bingo, the prizes are more than just money and the client can win trips to the Caribbean or designer-brand handbags. Read full article

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El Greco in Madrid

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el greco madridEven though the exhibitions of El Greco have been in Toledo commemorating the 250th anniversary of the artist’s death, you can also see some of his works in Madrid. One of the best places for it is the Museum of El Prado, which offers the exhibition ‘El Greco and modern painting’ until the 5th of October. Read full article

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A Night of Musicals in Madrid

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musical-madridGran Vía is our own Broadway, an avenue dedicated to fashion, theatre and great musicals which, for many years, especially in the stretch closest to Plaza de España, offer great shows. Let’s discover some of them.

One of the most emblematic ones is The Lion King, which occupies a prominent place in Madrid’s musical programme, Read full article

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New Archaeological Museum

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museo arqueologico madridThis new impressive cultural hotspot that was inaugurated on March 31st of this year after enduring an important renovation, is known by its three initials (MAN). It has larger exhibition space, new exhibition design and better accessibility for visitors with reduced mobility, among other improvements that have taken six years for this museum that was originally inaugurated back in 1867. Read full article

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Sweet Breakfasts in Madrid

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desayuno madridEven though we think that our hotel’s breakfast buffet is hard to beat (especially if we take into account that we bring it to your room), Madrid has some places that specialise in breakfasts, since it is the most forgotten of all three daily meals in the Spanish capital. Read full article

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A ride on the Strawberry Train

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Tren de la Fresa

It was the first train in the region of Madrid and the second in Spain (after the one that did the route Barcelona-Mataró). It was called El Tren de la Fresa, the Strawberry Train, and because of that historical value, its activity re-started in 1984, maintaining the route that it did back then, Read full article

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The Best Cheeses in Madrid

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Quesos MadridThose who defend the Alkaline Diet do not recommend the consumption of cheese and even less so accompanied by red wine. However, what would be do if we had to follow every single health tip that we read every day in the press? With moderation, this food is an indispensable pleasure and if you do not want to combine it with red wine you can also do it with white win, Read full article

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Brunch in Madrid

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Brunch en MadridFrom the contraction of breakfast+lunch we get the word ‘brunch’, a particularly good option on weekends and especially Sundays, when you do not have to get up early and when the fusion between breakfast and lunch allows for a day of sightseeing with maximum energy without having to stop to eat.

Timetables aside, Read full article

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