Crazy Places Where to End a Night Out

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Everyone knows when the night starts but never when or where it ends. Here are a few places that are excellent to finish off a night of partying in the Spanish capital. We start at Toni2, a meeting points of many different characters of Madrid’s nightlife, from failed pianists to Joaquín Sabina tributes, posh crowds from the Salamanca district, uninhibited hipsters and “normal” people who just want to spend a good time in one of the few piano bars that are left in the city.

And from one bar to its sister bar, at Calle Almirante, 2. It’s best to visit it in person rather than to explain it on here, because as their owners say, its atmosphere is “indescribable”. However, they try to explain it with one word: participation. Those who don’t fancy socialising much should stay away.

Another of Madrid’s nightlife classics with a happy ending, so to speak, is the karaoke bar Master Plató, better known as the “karaoke de los Mostenses” due to its location. You get into it through an underground car park very close to Plaza de España and if you get there after 3am you might have trouble getting hold of a microphone and show your singing skills, such is the amount of people there. However, the cheesy and geeky atmosphere there definitely makes up for it.

Beguin The Beguin is almost like being in a sequel of the film Amélie, albeit slightly dustier. To get in after 2am, you must knock on the door in a clandestine sort of way. It is located on Calle Moratín, 27, and we cannot guarantee that it will be open when you go because it depends entirely on the owner and how he is feeling that day. Try it because its multicoloured and chaotic atmosphere is priceless and unparalleled in Madrid.

If you fancy a dance in one of the city’s historical venues, try Sala El Sol, on Calle Jardines, 3. Its ethnic and funky rhythms will sweep you off your feet in its modern atmosphere, and it’s also an easy place to make some new friends.

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