Gastronomic Delights You Must Try

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Madrid hides exquisite dishes that you cannot see at first sigh. Follow these recommendations and treat yourself to a short culinary treat. One of them is the jar at La Gabinoteca. Yes, a jar, because inside a glass jar you can find an egg, potatoes and an exquisite truffle, combined in a way that will surprise you. It is not the only dish that is worth trying, though. Another is the rice and tomato sauce dim sum or the tapa of scallop with caramelised peppers. Most tapas, ideal for lovers of sophisticated cuisine, cost between 5 euros and 8 euros and you can find it on Calle Fernández de la Hoz.

We now move on to a more popular and heavy cuisine, a dish known as cachopo. A cachopo is two large beef fillets with ham and cheese in between and covered in breadcrumbs, served with chips and/or vegetables. At the A Cañada cider bar (Calle Alonso del Barco, 4 – Metro Embarcadores) there is an offer in midweek you cannot refuse: a menu for two for 25 euros, which includes one of the 12 cachopos on the menu to share, a mixed salad, cider and dessert. If you manage to finish the cachopo, you are a true champion.

You are also a champion if you can eat one of the famous zapatillas at Melo’s Galician bar, a local-style bar on Calle Ave María, 44 (Lavapiés). A zapatilla is a toasted sandwich made with rustic bread, pork ham with paprika and melted cheese. You will love it.

On a more stylish note, try the famous tartufone de Bruno at the Ouh… Babbo! Italian restaurant, managed by the actor Bruno Squarcia, very close to Teatro Real (Calle de Caños del Peral, 2) and to our hotel on Calle Montera. The dish is not on the menu but Squarcia himself will waste no time in recommending it. The tartufone is fresh pasta, free-range egg, Parmesan cheese and a shower of black truffle which gives the name to the dish. For 20 euros, it is a delight that is worth trying.

And if you like croquettes, we have the perfect place for you: Casa Julio, on Calle de la Madera, 27. A favourite of U2’s Bono.

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