The Gazpacho season is now open

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Winter has an added element to its hardness, because our body demands one of the best Mediterranean recipes and it’s not ready available: gazpacho. Luckily enough, hot temperatures bring out this delicious cold vegetable soup and there are plenty of restaurants in Madrid that serve it or its exquisite minimalist version: salmorejo.

Salmorejo is precisely one of the most sought-after dishes in La Cocina de San Antón, a restaurant located inside San Antón Market in Chueca (Calle Augusto Figueroa, 24), which also offers fantastic views over the old town of Madrid. They serve is with a delicious touch of Iberian Cinco Jotas ham, a twist of garlic and the perfect texture.

La Tasquita de Enfrente (Calle Ballesta, 6) is one of those traditional charming places that professes love for miniature cuisine, as its motto says: “We are not just looking for people who enjoy the dish but also people who enjoy the moment and the experience”. For those who can’t decide between salmorejo and gazpacho, they serve a hybrid product made with onion and two oils emulsified with Jerez vinegar. With this cold tomato-based soup as an excuse, you can then try other 100% Spanish dishes on its menu, such as ajoblanco (another delicious version of gazpacho made from bread, garlic and almonds), its “false” pesto pasta or gourmet delights such as caramelised smoked salmon morrillo. Prices per dish are around the 20-euro mark.

Lastly, and for those who don’t mind spending a few euros, we invite you to try the experiments that Abraham García, the chef at Viridiana, carries out on gazpacho at this restaurant. Known for its special, almost jelly-like texture, he prepares this dish with fish tail and not much vinegar. This is yet another excellent excuse to discover the cuisine of one of Madrid’s most emblematic chefs, who has updated his cuisine at all times and stayed on top of the avant-garde without giving up on his traditional touch.

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