Hot Chocolate and more… in Madrid

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Spain is renowned for its gastronomy and its culinary history. However you don’t have to go to expensive restaurants or many different tapas bars in order to enjoy the delights of local food.

One of the most typical sweet things in Spain, and especially Madrid, is hot chocolate with churros. Churros are long dough sticks deep fried, maybe not the most healthy choice, but they are really delicious, especially when accompanied by a steaming cup of thick hot chocolate. 

They say that the most authentic hot chocolate you can have in Spain is so think that a tea spoon could stand in it without having to be held.

Hot chocolate is also a very especial tradition during Christmas, not just because it helps warm up, but it is the first breakfast of the year. After New Year’s dinner, Spaniards go out all night, and after all night partying and dancing, the last thing to do before returning home on 1st of January is having a chocolate con churros.

Most bars and cafes around the town, if not all, will open quite early on the 1st of January to cater for all these party goers who stop for their traditional breakfast.

So, if you are around in Madrid for new year, or even if  you are around at any other time, don’t fail to stop at any cafe and order a chocolate con churros before returning to Hotel Ateneo.

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