Las Ventas: The Main Bullfighting Arena in Spain

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The great Bullfighting Ring in Madrid is called las Ventas, a venue considered like the world Cathedral of bullfighting, and it is now become one of the most popular and visited places among the foreign tourist who come to the capital of Spain.

Its particular Neomudejar style, a style influenced by the Islamic past of Spain, and the plain red bricks is greatly admired by all of those who see it for the first time. It is also decorated with tiles depicting the coats of arms of all the Spanish provinces. This building is the work of the architect José Espeliú, who designed it.

This bullfighting ring was inaugurated in 1931 but under a different name, it was named Las Ventas del Espíritu Santo.

Although Las Ventas is one of the most important bullfighting rings in the worlk, it is not however the biggest in terms of diameter of the bullfighting area. The bullfighting in Ronda in Malaga is bigger than Las Ventas.

Las Ventas is open for visits daily, as it is also the home to the famous Bullfighting Museum.

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