“Luces de Bohemia” at Teatro María Guerrero

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He was the master of grotesque, he developed his art exaggerating reality. Ramón María del Valle-Inclán was a real forerunner in Literature and now an updated version of his work can be enjoyed in the capital of Spain, Madrid.

The María Guerrero Theatre, situated in Calle Tamayo y Baus 4 in Madrid, presents Luces de Bohemia (Bohemian Lights) between the 20 of Janaury until the 25th of March 2012. The performances will take place between Tuesday and Saturday at 8pm and Sundays at 7pm. The theatre is closed every Monday. Lluis Homar is the person in charge to direct this master piece of theatre. This is a genre devised by the Spanish playwright Valle-Inclán that intended to embarrass the society of his time, presenting all the social problems as they were.

Mariana Cordero, Nerea Moreno, Isabel Ordaz, Fernando Albizu, Ángel Burgos, Jorge Calvo, Gonzalo de Castro and Javi Coll are the actresses and actors who will be in charge of the performances full of grotesque and strange characters. Theatre goers won’t be able to stay impassive before this deformed reality that sometimes can look shocking but it will always make people feel something.

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