Madrid has its own cuisine. Come and discover it!

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Despite that its culinary tradition cannot be compared to other regional ones like the Basque or the Galician, Madrid’s cuisine is also of great importance. With summer out of the way, we can now slowly go back to the restaurants that serve some of the best cocido madrileño, the city’s traditional stew. At Mesón Lacón they offer cocido in their menu of the day for just over 10 euros, a highly recommended option, as is the one at Casa Jacinto, in a no less traditional atmosphere. However, if you want to go to the temple of cocido par excellence, you will have to visit the famous restaurant La taberna de la Bola.

And from cocido we jump to another traditional dish: callos. This dish is made up mainly by beef tripe and chickpeas among other ingredients and it reaches excellence in the luxurious dining room at Lhardy. Less solemn and more modern is the atmosphere at La Tasquita de Enfrente, where the callos are prepared with a unique twist, adding black pudding and Asturian chorizo. On Calle Menorca, a famous area for bars that serve copious tapas such as La Hidalguía and La Montería, is La Catapa, which is considered one of the best bars in Madrid. They of course serve callos, prepared with beef leg and lips sliced into small pieces and with all the density of this rich traditional dish.

Carrying on with meat dishes, gallinejas (chitterlings) is another traditional and popular local dish. If you want to try its most authentic version drop by Gallinejas Embajadores, where they also serve other traditional recipes such as entresijos, another dish made of lamb tripe; and mollejas (gizzards). This restaurant has more than 55 years of history, which tastes of tradition and not deep-fried and unhealthy food. Try its tapas for under 10 euros per unit.

Without abandoning the local spirit, albeit somewhat focused on tourism, La Taberna Daniela, on Calle Cuchilleros, 9, next to Plaza Mayor, serves a local recipe of bream that shows that Madrid’s cuisine is not only about meat and tripe. They also prepare a delicious, copious and complete cocido, which will allow you to enjoy the complete local-cuisine experience.

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