Microteatro por dinero, summer microtheatre in Madrid

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Summer does not have the extensive stage programme that other seasons like autumn and winter have, which means that this lighter theatre format in a reduced version is an excellent option. The most active microtheatre venue is Microteatro por dinero, which has a dynamic and ever-changing programme that includes drama, comedy and plays that make spectators reflect on contemporary times.

Skip the queues, which are commonplace, by buying your tickets online. However, before you do, check out their programme to choose one of the plays, which last approximately 15 minutes each. They have afternoon sessions and late-night sessions after 10.30 p.m. in their central venue (next to Gran Vía, in Malasaña), which also has a bar which is ideal for having a few beers in between plays.

We recommend that you watch at least two plays in order to enjoy the full experience and make the visit worth it, although allow at least 30 minutes between them. Tickets cost around 4 euros for plays such as Karma, a comedy related to a very special visit; and Hipocoqué, another comedy about the fear of developing more illnesses than usual. Enjoy their stage performances at Calle Loreto Prado y Enrique Chicote (Metro Callao).

Microteatro por dinero are perhaps the most famous ones in their field but not the only ones. El Esconditeatro also offers microplays with the unique feature that some of them are performed in English. The programme is done at short notice, which means that July’s programme has still not been released, but you can get an idea of what’s to come by checking June’s programme. Tickets cost 4.50 euros and plays last for 15-20 minutes. Find it on Calle Estudios, 2 (Metro La Latina).

Make sure you also note down La Casa de la Portera, a conventional programme in a reduced format on Calle Huertas, 48. One of its main attractions is the actual concept of the space, an old home renovated into a stage that will definitely make a lasting impression on you.

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