Sandra Carrasco y Pablo Alboran Summer Concert

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Southern music is warm and strong, very strong … Two of their representatives inthe music scene, the promising young flamenco singer Sandra Carrasco and Paul Alborán will be performing in the capital of Spain on Saturday July 9, 2011 for a concert at the Escenario Puerta del Ángel as part of Veranos de la Villa2011.

This project, organized by the Madrid City Council, is scheduled at 9.30pm and the price of tickets ranges from 20 to 40 Euros depending on the seat.

Sandra Carrasco is soft, pure sweetness and art. Her flamenco is intimate, special and contagious. His latest work, Women of Water, has a vibrant melody and she is also accompanied by other music stars such as Estrella Morente, Buika and Montse Cortés.

Also the music scene of 2011 has a name: Paul Alborán. Only 21 years old and without a record label to support him, without any marketing or advertising campaign, his talent has hit hard and he’s crept to the No. 1 best-selling record in our country.

His debut album, Only you, is a music gem, with southern melodies, his themes and flamenco songs are real diamonds.

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