Vegetarian Fast Food Restaurants in Madrid

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Finding vegetarian food in Madrid could be difficult, as although many Spaniards are starting to enjoy the benefits of vegetarian food it is still difficult to compete with the traditional staples of Spanish foods such as ham, chorizo and so many other local meat-based dishes.

For those vegetarians that are visiting Madrid and want to find the healthy but fast choice, there is a great place now just around the corner from Hotel Ateneo, in Calle Mayor, 4 just off the Puerta del Sol.

Maoz is an international chain that offers vegetarian falafels in a tortilla accompanied by salad and dressings. The first Maoz opened in the heart of Amsterdam, it became so popular than just in a few years it opened other restaurants in America, Paris and Madrid.

Their signature dish is a freshly baked pita pocket filled with steaming hot falafel balls, eggplant and hummus, topped with salads and sauces and served with a side of crispy Belgian or sweet potato fries and a drink.

However, finding vegetarian food in Spain is getting easier and easier, most restaurants these days will offer great salads, as well as typical Spanish dishes such as potato salad with mayonnaise (ensaladilla rusa) or the famous gazpacho a Spanish cold soup that contains mainly tomatoes and peppers, some bread and oil and vinegar. It’s got an acquired taste but it’s a great fresh drink for summer and very healthy.

For those “pescarians” or vegetarians who do not eat meat but do eat fish, Spain offers a wealth of fish based dishes.

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