Asturian Restaurants in Madrid

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Those who love fabada (broad bean stew), cider and quality cheese from the north of Spain can find in Madrid many different bars and restaurants where they can treat their craving for food from Asturias.

Among the best known Asturian restaurants in Madrid is La Quintana, in Calle Bordadores, 7, that serves fantastic platters to share for those with a big appetite.

Another quite interesting one is El Ñeru, also in Calle Bordadores. It has been decorated with photographs of famous personalities always accompanied by the owner. This “sidrería” or cider bar carries out for you the difficult art of “escanciar”, that is to say pour the contents of the bottle while holding it over your head into a glass held as far low as you can, normally under your hip. The bar smells of Asturias and tastes like Asturias.

In Calle Argumosa, 4, is the centre for the people from Asturias in Madrid: Casa de Asturias. In this place they have still kept alive the tradition of giving a good tapa with each drink. They serve broad beans with cockles and the best of all that their prices are very competitive.

In Calle Trujillos, 4, you will find Casa Parrondo. Here you have to have stuffed peppers from Piquillo, Cabrales cheese, chorizo prepared with cider, pies or their vegetable omelettes.

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