Typical Fast Food from Madrid

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Fast-food does not have to be bad, it just have to be “fast”. Actually, in Madrid, you will find that a lot of traditional dishes and small bites are actually quite fast and convenient to prepare and to eat!

One of the favourite past times of students before Christmas, to celebrate the end of exams or to forget about the bad results, is gathering around Plaza Mayor and consuming endless amounts of “bocadillos de calamares”. Now, what is exactly a “bocadillo de calamares”, it is just really a roll filled with fried calamari and a bit of lemon juice. Simple but delicious. 

The area around Plaza Mayor is a special magnet for calamari lovers, and it will be for anybody staying in Hotel Ateneo  as it is just five minutes walk from it.

On the way to Plaza Mayor you will pass many other establishments that will tempt you with extensive tapas and bocadillos menus. One of these places is Museo del Jamón, the Museum of Ham, a chain of bars whose trademark are the cured pig legs hanging from the walls, not really apt for vegetarians or animal lovers! But if you love cured ham or “jamón serrano”, this is the place to get a quick bocadillo filled with ham and cheese. The Museo del Jamón in Carrera de San Jerónimo, 1 is the closest to Hotel Ateneo.

Quick and delicious fast-food, that is what many bars and cafés in Madrid stand for. Remember that their food is fast but good!

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