Carnivals in Madrid

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Madrid is famous for its street parties in August. They celebrate la Virgen de la Paloma, the Virgin of the Dove, on 15th of August. But the celebrations go on for several days around that time. The party goes on till late, August is a particularly hot month in Madrid, so Madrilians take to the streets in the evenings when the sun starts going down and the air cools down.

The atmosphere is incredible as you will see two or three generations of families partying together on the streets. There won’t be a curfew for children, given that in August they are still on holidays and these street parties tend to be child friendly.

The celebrations take place around the area of La Latina, not very far from Hotel Ateneo. Although the big Day is the 15th of August you will find parties and celebrations during the few days before, building up to the big one.

All the festive activities cluster around the church where the image of the Virgin is kept. This image started its story at the front of house in the 18th century. Legend has it that the locals used to come and ask her for favours and help, and that’s how, eventually, it ended up in the local church. The church is in Calle de la Paloma, 15.

You will find all types of food and drink stalls, as well as stages for music performances. The local bars and pubs will also cater for the party goers, and for the young in the family there are usually funfair rides.

If you want to join in the fun fully, you will have to get ready to join the locals dancing the traditional Madrid dance, and no, it’t not flamenco, it’s chotis!

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