Bullfighting at Las Ventas Bullfight Arena

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Not everybody likes bullfighting, and more and more people everywhere are asking questions about the welfare of the animals as well as the event itself. However, for the Spanish, bullfighting is and will be for a long time one of their most rooted traditions.

Madrid has its own bullfighting ring, las Ventas, situated near Plaza de Manuel Becerra and next to Metro station Ventas, only a couple of stations from Sol on the red line. It’s the third largest ring in the world with space for 23,798 people.

Even if you don’t like bullfighting, it would be a good idea to go and see the ring as it is very rich architecturally. Las Ventas was finished in the 30s, just before the Spanish war. During the war it was abandoned but after the even it reopened and it’s kept going up to now.

If you are a fan of bullfighting or are curious about it, you can get tickets from 3 Euros to over 100 Euros, depending on the type of ticket and where you want to sit. Traditionally the sits in a bullfighting ring are divided between sunny and shade, you don’t really want to be sitting in the shade during the Spanish summer.

Going to a bullfight is also going to a social event, where many people go to be seen, like at the horse races in  England. Among the spectators it won´t be difficult to spot ladies from good families wearing the traditional mantilla over the head held by an ornamental comb, peineta.

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