Exhibitions at Matadero Madrid

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The slaughter house in Legazpi was built between 1910 and 1925, this immense brick structure served since then the local area with meat from the animals slaughtered there. After it closed, the immense space was left abandoned until the Madrid council decided to use a big budget to create a space for the arts.

The new space is still called the slaughter house, el Matadero, to keep the memory of what the building used to be. The structure is representative of the architecture of Madrid of the beginning of the 20th century, a huge red brick building divided inside in several big areas.

This June until the end of July the Matadero is showing a different photographic exhibition, a selection of the many photographs taken by Ajo the ticket clerk at the well-known Teatro Alfil in Madrid. She took pictures of theatre goers, people who nobody knew, people who lived locally, famous people who used to come to the theatre, all in all, what she did with her camera was the portrait of decade in Madrid.

In another section of the Matadero we will find short takes of old men over 70. The artist wanted to get a vivid reflection of the human body. So, he shot the images of this men while making noises, the result is a dissection of the living body with its sounds, its movements and the images. This exhibition is called the sitting man.

The Matadero is near underground station Arganzuela and it’s very easy to access from the centre of Madrid. Inside you will find the different rooms with the exhibitions and a room dedicated to a café that is also used sometimes for exhibitions.

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