Discotheques Playing 80s Music in Madrid

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Those who long for their youth in the 80s will be happy in Madrid. In this capital there are many different venues where music varies to suit different tastes and ages, however, lately it seems that the 80s and 90s are making a comeback.

Among the best examples of this tendency is Morocco, a club situated in Marqués de Leganés, 7, where Alaska, a well-known Mexican-Spanish singer, is the queen of the dance floor. In fact her husband, Mario Vaquerizo, is the owner of this glamorous club, which is different, modern but also reminiscent of the past as well. It is a place where you can enjoy the best songs by Rafael Carrá, Marisol or Camilo Sesto, all household names in the Spanish music scene.

Another very authentic club is iREal in Calle Echegaray, 16. It is a two storey building, always full of great atmosphere and music, the type that will make us feel a bit tearful. Its décor is spectacular, it doesn´t look like any design that you would have seen before in any other bar, pub or night-club.

In Calle Marqués de Valdeiglesias, 6, you will find Griffin’s, a venue with two very different music areas. In one of them 80s music will play until closing time, 6am.

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