Late Night Life in Madrid

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Madrid is not yet a 24 hours city, but it is not far from it. Most tourist find that the closing times of bars and pubs in this capital are much more relaxed than in most other European countries.

You may have trouble to get a coffee at 11 o’clock at night only because most bars will be cleaning their machines then, but you will probably find that you can get a bite to eat quite late and if what you are out for is the fun then you will be able to find places open till very late.

There are different areas for night life in Madrid. Each area has its particular personality and crowd. Walking distance from hotel Ateneo you will find Plaza de Santa Ana surrounded by an exciting network of narrow streets full of pubs and bars that will be bustling with activity from about 8pm till late.

If you want to try the other Madrid, something a bit more unique and special you can try Chueca. This former rundown borough is now the gay area in Madrid. The night life is built around the Chueca square, which in itself is a fantastic focus for fun and night life. Gay and straight enjoy dancing, drinking with friends and generally having a good time in the many venues in Chueca. The atmosphere is really friendly and relaxed.

After a few drinks you can clear your head taking a nice stroll back to Hotel Ateneo.

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