Yves Saint Laurent in Madrid

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The Paseo del Prado, a large avenue, not very far from Hotel Ateneo, is known of the avenue of art. This name is due to theseveral museums nestled among the buildings that stand along the avenue.

Walking up this avenue is also a experience in itself. It is a beautiful large street with trees and benches in its middle. If you keep walking towards the north you will eventually find your way to Paseo de Recoletos, and there in number 23 you will find another centre for art and culture,Fundación Mapfre.

This foundation strives to offer tourists and locals alike the best artistic and cultural experience possible. This month they have fill their rooms with haute-couture. This exhibition that already visited the Petit Palais de Paris is a celebration of the work and life of artist and designer Yves Saint Laurent.

This exhibition is divided in eleven themed spaces with nearly 15 haute-couture and prêt-à-porter models and over 80 drawings, pictures and movies.

This exhibition introduces the visitor to the work and mind of this great artist, who combined his quest for the perfect woman with his desire to dress as best as he could regular people.

Once in Paseo de Recoletos you can also pay a visit to the Wax Museum in Plaza de Colón, or have a nice scenic stroll back to Hotel Ateneo.

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