Madrid with Children

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Once you have children, travelling becomes something of a challenge, or not. Spaniards are well known for their child-friendly attitude, seeing people talking to complete strangers on the street about their kids or just commenting how pretty, well-fed, cheerful and nice their baby looks is an everyday occurrence.

There are plenty of fun things to do with children in Madrid. You can start your trip in the Retiro Park, near Atocha station. Children will enjoy riding the boats on the lake in the centre of the park, as well as the puppet theatres that independent artists set up at weekends.

You can also take your children to enjoy a nice drinking chocolate with churros, chocolate con churros, at Chocolateria San Gines near Sol Station. Churros are savoury cakes made with fried dough. They are typically consumed together with a very thick hot chocolate.

If your children are older, they will probably enjoy the amusement park, el Parque de Atracciones. It is situated in the middle of Casa de Campo a massive urban park situated on the western outskirt of Madrid. In Casa de Campo you will also find the Madrid Zoo, with a very big selection of wild animals, as well as an aquarium with dolphins.  Both attractions can be accessed from the centre by underground, Metro, or bus.

If you go to the tourist office in Plaza Mayor, they will provide you with a booklet with three tourist routes in Madrid for families with children. The routes are explained and they provide an area maps so you can find your way around the city.

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