Flea Markets in Madrid

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The most famous street market is el Rastro, this market takes over the area of Cascorro, near Sol, every Sunday. In this market you can find almost anything, stamps, books, old Franco memorabilia, hand-craft items and even pet food. Although this market was named after the trail of blood left by animals leaving the slaughter house, nowadays nobody remembers this story and el Rastro is just a place to have fun and spend a nice Sunday morning hunting for bargains.

Un mercadillo muy colorido es el de las flores en Tirso de Molina. Abre todos los días de lunes a domingo, ahí no sólo encontrarás flores y plantas, también organizan exhibiciones de arte y muestras, incluyendo flamenco, música, baile y teatro.

Other street market, this time permanent, is the book market on la Cuesta Moyano, just outside Retiro Park. In this market in Calle Claudio Moyano you will find second hand books in Spanish, although some of the stalls hold foreign editions and specialise in children’s books.

Madrid also has its own Christmas market. Every year from the end of November till the last day of Christmas, 6th of January, the Plaza Mayor is turned into a Winter Wonderland of Christmas presents, food and decorations. Just don’t try to find any bargain after the 25th of December, as in Spain people only give each other presents on the 6th of January, so between those two dates Spaniards will still be doing their Christmas shopping. Another Christmas market is the art and crafts one in Arguelles not far from Sol.

A very colourful street market is the flower street market in Tirso de Molina. It is open every day from Monday to Sunday, there you won’t just find flowers and plants, but the market also organises art exhibitions and shows, including flamenco, music dance and theatre.

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