Midsummer Night in Madrid

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There are many activities on offer in Madrid for the Midsummer Night, known in Spain asNoche de San Juan or St John’s Night.

The Palacio de Linares will open its door from 10pm to a few lucky that can get hold of tickets for the night guided tours through the ghostly rooms of the Palace.

Barrio de la Elipa will have a street party complete with DJ, fun-fair, bonfire and fireworks. Another night of fun-fair and music will be offered by the district of La Latina, about 10-15 minutes walk from Hotel Ateneo in the park of La Cornisa. The festivities are organized by the local neighboring association. The celebrations will start at 8pm with activities for the little ones in the family. The Midsummer Night is the shortest night of the year, and a big excuse for celebrations, so children in Spain will be allowed to go to bed late, especially since they will also be starting their summer holidays.

Other performances will start at 9pm, this will include a belly dance show, songs by the local associations and other local bands. Stalls will sell sandwiches and drinks so the party can go on till late.

This night is especial, and you can expect magic. Legend has that single men and women will see the “one” walking below their window if they get up early the morning of the 24th. Legends and magic aside, this night is the night to go out and have fun, find the big bonfire in the area of Bilbao and throw a paper with your most secret wish in the burning flames. Who knows? It may come true after all.

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