Massage as a need

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masaje orientalYou keep hearing more and more in the media about a phrase that may be more than just an advertising claim: massages aren’t a luxury but rather a need. Bothered by different kinds of aches, stress takes its toll on the body and this can derive into back problems and more serious pain. Spending an hour unwinding your body and leaving it in good hands is not just a pleasure but it can also have highly positive effects for our health.

One of the most popular centres of therapeutic massages is Fariolen Manila, which offers different services in the Salamanca district, included in which are also facial beauty treatments. Prices range from 40 to 199 euros, the latter if you choose the most complete option which is a couple’s massage that includes a dinner in the Pedro Larumbe restaurant and a drink at the El Plató lounge bar. In other words, much more than just a massage, but rather an experience that can be the ideal gift to share on St. Valentine’s day. Without the dinner, the cost is of 89 euros.

Also worthy of a mention is Fusiom, a centre that offers Thai wisdom in body treatments, with a philosophy that is open to natural medicine, contrary to certain modern dependence on pharmaceutical painkillers. Located on Calle Alcalá, 55, it is open from 10.00am until 11.00pm and it offers up to 54 different treatments, all of them under that Oriental philosophy that attempts to combine itself with the western one.

A few yards from our hotel by the Puerta del Sol, on Calle de la Cruz, 28, is MasvitalZenter, offering massages from 26 euros. Among those contact treatments we can find relaxing and deconstructive massages, such as MasVital or the Cielo y Tierra (Sky and Land – head and feet), as well as a wide range of Oriental techniques. It is a highly professional centre that also offers the relaxing experience of the onsen, the Japanese-style spa, with one-hour tours in a thermal circuit that includes Turkish bath, jacuzzi, cold pool and ofuro, the traditional Japanese thermal bath. Never was taking care of oneself so pleasurable.

Photo: Marcin Bober via Wikimedia Commons. Licencia CC 3.0

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