Summer for Kinds at Matadero Madrid

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As every year the Madrid council brings art, music and theatre to the people with the festival Veranos de la Villa, Summers of the City, and of course children can’t be an exception.

The young ones in the family will also have their chance to play, watch. listen and have fun in el Matadero. El Matadero is a centre for the arts and the culture, there is always some activity, exhibition or performance taking place in one of its massive rooms. The history behind this not so very poetic name, Matadero means slaughter house in Spanish, is of course very prosaic. The building was erected at the beginning of the 20th century in the typical architectural style of the area, red brick buildings. After it feel in disuse a few decades after it was first open, it was abandoned and forgotten, until a few years ago the council saw the potential of the building. It has several big warehouse style rooms that are ideal for big exhibitions and concerts. Once the building was converted into a cultural centre, it seemed logical to keep the name of Matadero, the Slaughter House.

This year the “Naves del Español” in el Matadero, the Spanish Warehouses, are hosting several events for the youngest ones in the family in July. The six theatre and music shows are:

Una Casa, A House, an adventure show for 3-8 year olds.

Sombras del Mundo, Shadows of the world, a puppet show for 2-5 year olds.

Cuentos Armenios, Tales from Armenia.

Flamenco Kids

Historias del Árbol Milenario, Stories of the One-Thousand-Year tree.

Ígridor, la Tierra se Calienta – Igridor, Earth is Warming up. A tale about green issues.

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