Taverns in Madrid

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One of the main activities during our holidays has to be eating and going out. Madrid has a great deal of different types of eateries for all tastes. But if you are looking for something authentic, something with more of a traditional and Spanish taste, maybe visiting some of the many taverns in Madrid will open a new horizon for you.

Let’s start in Principe Pio, to the west of the city. Not far from the station we will find Casa Mingo, a Asturian styled tavern that offers sit down food as well as a tapas bar. The decoration is simple but effective, just a few wooden tables with no fancy tablecloths or any frills that announce that the selling point for this establishment is its food, not its looks. They have a varied Mediterranean menu, but what stands out is the chorizo sausage cooked in cider and their roasted chicken. Of course, cider is the other item that must not be missing from your table in Casa Mingo, it’s the Asturian drink par-excellence and they have them specially brewed by them.

Another interesting tavern is Cuevas de Sésamo, this time in a central location, Calle Príncipe 7. When you pass the entrance, you may think it’s an abandoned bar, as the upstairs door leads into a smallish bar area with no bottles, glasses or waiter in view. The reason is that the real fun is downstairs, hence the name “Cuevas”, caves. Downstairs, the sound of a piano livens the atmosphere while people chat happily sitting in front of a jar of sangria, their specialty accompanied by different tapas dishes.

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