From Madrid to the sky… and the stars

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Much further than the museums, restaurants, shops and parks, we have nothing else but the sky… Not just the sky in Madrid, represented by the old painting masters, but rather the starry sky that is brought closer to us by the Madrid Planetarium. Located in Parque Enrique Tierno Galván (Metro Méndez Álvaro), this year it celebrates its twentieth anniversary by having reached its objective of spreading its love for science and astronomy. Read full article

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Do you want to dine with a celebrity?

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With this title, we were not referring to literally sitting down and sharing a meal or a drink with a celebrity but rather attending some places where you are most likely to find a famous figure from the world of culture, sports or politics.

Josealfredo is a lively cocktail bar located very close to Gran Vía (Calle Silva, Read full article

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Culture is in the South: Casa Encendida and Matadero

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Some people divide Madrid in two main areas: above and below Calle Atocha. For some time, this street was the city limit and there were barely any cultural events going on across it. However, that was before. The Lavapiés district today has many art galleries, bookshop-cafés and street activities, making it a hub for cultural events. Read full article

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The best pizza in Madrid

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When it comes to pizzas and burgers, everything is subjective. However, here are a few of the most popular pizzerias among demanding clients. Knowing this, you can then decide whether you want to put some pineapple on it or not.

With a traditional Italian style (although not too over the top) is Da Giuseppina (Calle Trafalgar, Read full article

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Cava Baja and Cava Alta, two streets for the price of one

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Located in the heart of the district of La Latina, both of them have their own character and respective charm. Cava Baja is the livelier, more dynamic and popular one, whereas its parallel sister Cava Alta is more refined and elegant, with art galleries, charming restaurants and more tranquillity.

One of the most famous landmarks on Cava Baja is Casa Lucio, Read full article

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Have you still not visited the Palacio Real in Madrid?

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Like the famous song says, “There it is seeing time go by, like the Puerta of Alcalá”. However, its true charms, and part of Spanish history, are located inside. Come and visit it.

The best day to do so is on Wednesday, the day of the changing of the guard, a bit like the one at Buckingham Palace although you can see this one from Calle Bailén. Read full article

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Crazy Places Where to End a Night Out

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Everyone knows when the night starts but never when or where it ends. Here are a few places that are excellent to finish off a night of partying in the Spanish capital. We start at Toni2, a meeting points of many different characters of Madrid’s nightlife, from failed pianists to Joaquín Sabina tributes, posh crowds from the Salamanca district, Read full article

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Gastronomic Delights You Must Try

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Madrid hides exquisite dishes that you cannot see at first sigh. Follow these recommendations and treat yourself to a short culinary treat. One of them is the jar at La Gabinoteca. Yes, a jar, because inside a glass jar you can find an egg, potatoes and an exquisite truffle, combined in a way that will surprise you. Read full article

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Great Exhibitions, Great Sensations

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titanic madridWith the autumn season almost over, the art exhibition offer is shining in all of its glory. We start with Kandinsky, one of the fathers of abstract art who wanted to make music with his brushes. Soon to be 150 years since his birth, the CentroCentro space in Palacio de Cibeles is holding one of the largest monographic exhibitions on the Russian artist with 100 works loaned by the Pompidou Museum in Paris. Read full article

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Tradition galore: the best callos in Madrid

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In Madrid, there are a series of baptisms, ways of earning the title of “friend of the city”. These baptisms include visits to El Prado, drinking from the magic fountain of the San Isidro chapel on May 15th, enjoying a dish of cocido at La Bola, trying the churros and hot chocolate from Chocolatería San Ginés and, Read full article

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