Madrid has its own cuisine. Come and discover it!

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Despite that its culinary tradition cannot be compared to other regional ones like the Basque or the Galician, Madrid’s cuisine is also of great importance. With summer out of the way, we can now slowly go back to the restaurants that serve some of the best cocido madrileño, the city’s traditional stew. Read full article

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Ice cream shops that will make you melt

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Fancy an ice cream? Make sure you get one that is worth it, such as the ones at Mamá Elba Heladería (Calle Cea Bermúdez, 29), a pleasant ice-cream shop with its Parisian-style white tiles that also sells cakes (gluten-free options available).

Further towards the city centre is La Romana, with a shop on Calle San Bernardo, Read full article

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Mercado de la Paz, a commercial and gastronomic oasis

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La magia del pequeño comercio

Almost as old as its home, the Salamanca district, Mercado de La Paz was built in 1879, the last market constructed in the Nineteenth century. Located on Calle de Ayala, 28, it endured a thorough renovation in the mid-Twentieth century and today it’s one of the oldest survivors of its kind. At first glance, Read full article

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Microteatro por dinero, summer microtheatre in Madrid

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Summer does not have the extensive stage programme that other seasons like autumn and winter have, which means that this lighter theatre format in a reduced version is an excellent option. The most active microtheatre venue is Microteatro por dinero, which has a dynamic and ever-changing programme that includes drama, comedy and plays that make spectators reflect on contemporary times. Read full article

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Swimming pools in the sky

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Fancy a refreshing swim without leaving the city? Why not visit the local sports complex in Lago, Casa de Campo, which is easy to access by metro. However, there are other more sophisticated options that you can do this summer in Madrid. One of them is diving into a pool with the city at your feet at Gymage Social Fitness, Read full article

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June is music: Mad Music City

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If you were not able to attend Mad Cool festival you have another chance to enjoy live summer music in all of its splendour at Mad Music City, a festival that takes place from the 21st to the 26th of June and that revolves around European Music Day, which takes place on the 25th of the same month. Read full article

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The Gazpacho season is now open

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Winter has an added element to its hardness, because our body demands one of the best Mediterranean recipes and it’s not ready available: gazpacho. Luckily enough, hot temperatures bring out this delicious cold vegetable soup and there are plenty of restaurants in Madrid that serve it or its exquisite minimalist version: salmorejo.

Salmorejo is precisely one of the most sought-after dishes in La Cocina de San Antón, Read full article

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From Caravaggio to Bernini, the Baroque culmination in the Royal Palace

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Caravaggio, the master of Baroque gloom and expressionism, is the introducer to this route of 72 paintings and sculptures made in Italy in the Seventeenth century, such as his Salomé with the Head of John the Baptist, which is considered to be his best-preserved work in Spain. It is an artistic dialogue with another master of religious art, Read full article

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Wine culture in Madrid

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Up until recently, all those wines that weren’t Ribera del Duero, Rioja or Navarra were looked at in a somewhat disdainful way. Luckily, this is no longer the case and as well as the broadening of our gastronomic criteria it’s also true that wineries from all over the world have doubled their efforts in order to produce good quality wines. Read full article

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Raw meat: it will make your mouth water

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It’s the bare minimum of cooking: good, sliced meat, spices, sauce and herbal seasoning. Oh, and an egg yolk. We are talking about steak tartare, one of the favourite dishes of meat lovers.

At Atelier Belge (Calle Bretón de los Herreros, 39) they offer a very good one that they have named Julio Cortázar as a tribute to this Argentine writer born in Brussels. Read full article

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